Probing Reform Blog: Pay for height

What’s the latest idea floating around Capitol Hill regarding healthcare reform? My inside sources say momentum is building for a complete overhaul of Medicare reimbursement policy. Building on the logic of fee-for-service, movers and shakers are considering a new twist: payment based on physician height.

The current system creates misaligned incentives, inflating healthcare costs without improving the health of America. But paying by the inch, now there’s a common sense approach. Clearly, the taller the doctor, the more efficient the care – that’s been known for years. So why not go ahead and make the change, if it’s so obvious? Like anything else, moving such legislation through Congress will take time, and all interested parties will want to be heard from. The North American Short Anesthesiologist League (NASAL) will surely weigh in, as will The Measuring Tape Union, Lifts Across America, and Physicians for Top Hats. Buckle yourself in, we’re in for a bumpy ride.

– Ted Vesuvius, author, speaker, reformist

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  1. Lurch Adams said:

    As a physician who is 6′ 5″, I couldn’t agree more with this idea. With my extra height, I have a better perspective on patients (literally), and I can see the tops of most of their heads, which gives me added insight.