TrendProbe: Hospitals moving toward new position combining marketing, patient safety and facilities expertise

As further evidence of belt-tightening at hospitals across the U.S., many are considering the increasingly popular position of SVP of marketing/patient safety/facilities. The position typically combines the creativity of marketers, the scientific measurement acumen of patient safety experts, and the HVAC experience of facilities managers. By finding one executive with all of these skill sets, hospitals can reduce salary costs significantly in the c-suite.

The new combo position is gaining in popularity across the country, with more than a dozen major hospitals and systems advertising in the leading industry publication, Hospital Job Mashup. Industry trend watcher and three-time Tony award winner runner-up Chris Kendall says the move toward the combo position is likely here to stay.

“Other than the different educational backgrounds and technical skills required, these three disciplines are a natural combination,” says Kendall. “Given recent layoffs in the industry, hospitals are finding a plethora of qualified candidates with marketing, patient safety and facilities backgrounds.”

Kendall added that other combinations of positions, such as nurse/truck driver and neurosurgeon/photographer are also catching on, though not as fast.


  1. Dwight said:

    Do hospitals need beet farmers with martial arts skills?

  2. Dave said:

    Why not just let the doctors do this stuff too? They know everything don’t they? ;)