MedRankers announces new weekly quality awards

National hospital rating firm MedRankers has announced new weekly awards for clinical quality. The weekly awards will replace the annual awards already in place, with additional categories and classifications also in the offing. 

“We’ve done patient surveys, and people have indicated that they can’t make informed decisions based on quality awards that are only given annually,” stated company spokesperson Cindy Hinky. “From our perspective, the more ways we can slice and dice quality rankings, the more information patients will have. If we can have 10 rankings, why not 100, or 1,000? More is always better.”

MedRankers will update their web-based rankings on a weekly basis, and will issue the awards every Monday. Hospitals who wish to promote their rankings will need to sign exclusive licensing agreements by the following Tuesday, and all advertising will need to be pulled prior to the next rankings, the following Monday.

“We realize this doesn’t leave hospitals much time to promote their rankings,” says Hinky. “But that just provides incentives for them to strive hard to win the award every week.”

In addition to adding weekly rankings, different categories such as hospital size, geographic zone, hospital type and hospital shape will be used. The company has also announced varying types of quality that will be measured and awarded, such as overall quality, service line quality, physician quality, nurse quality, nurse practitioner quality, total quality and comprehensive quality.

In a separate announcement, MedRankers announced record profits in the first quarter of 2009. A company spokesperson attributes the success to including more and more rankings, as well as to the addition of the company’s latest program, aimed at hospital administrators, called “Promoting quality awards: why your life depends on it.”


  1. Malcolm said:

    Even I think this is going too far! How about Quality in Moderation?