New competitor to Twitter offers 14-character posts

A new service called Smatter is set to compete with the growing social network Twitter, but with a twist. Instead of limiting posts to 140 characters like Twitter, the new service will limit member posts to just 14.

“It’s our belief that you’ll get ten times the content value from posts that are one tenth the size,” says Smatter CEO Thomas Smidge.

The social media entrant will introduce a whole new vernacular as well. Instead of posting “tweets,” members will post “smatts,” forwarded posts will be called “resmatts” and group conversations will be “smatt-chats.”

Smidge says Smatter will address a different audience than Twitter, focusing on those who only have fleeting seconds to communicate with others, those who feel 140 characters is “bloated,” and those with attention deficit disorder. Smidge offered a sample conversation to illustrate the new tool:

@bigboob: hi there, I’m
@mrman: nice to mt u,
@bigboob: Smatter is awe
@mrman: you ain’t kidd
@bigboob: RS @mrman you a

The company, which is launching the new service later in the year, refused to release revenue projections, or outline a revenue model.


  1. Bill (short for William) said:

    It’s about tim

  2. Old Man Fuddy said:

    These new technology ideas are just stupid. Who cares what you’re doing? “Oh, I just went to the story for some bread.” “Oh, I just poked my eye with a fork.” “Oh, I just went number two on the couch.”

    I don’t care what you’re doing!!!!!!!! Twitter, FAcebook, Smatter – they’re all the same. What morons really use this?

  3. William said:

    I believe a collection of “smats” is known as your “smut”. This ensures high visibility in Google search results. I think I’ll Google “smut” right now…

    OMG!!! MY EYES!!!