Embracing Facebook, Pantaloon Hospital announces results: “they are the color beige.”

Following the implementation of a new Facebook strategy, Pantaloon Hospital’s CEO Terry Becker held a press conference Thursday to announce the hospital has determined that it, according to a popular online quiz, is the color beige.

“We’ve jumped head first into social media, and what we’ve learned through Facebook is truly eye opening,” said Becker. “Following the completion of the ‘What color are you?’ quiz, the result of ‘beige’ gives us tremendous insight into how to engage our community, and we’re acting immediately on that information.”

As a result of this discovery, the organization has embarked on a process to redesign its corporate identity to feature beige. Becker noted they hoped to reflect other findings from the quiz results, which read in part: “You are beige! You tend to be bland and boring, a mix of white and gray. You’re not much of a dreamer, preferring to mire yourself in mediocrity and sameness. You don’t laugh easily, are slow to the uptake, and generally blend into the woodwork.”

Becker also announced that based on the Facebook strategy, Pantaloon Hospital is now a fan of “sunshine” and “baby seals,” is trying to rob the electronics store in Mafia Wars, is most like the Jimmy Buffet song “Cheeseburger in Paradise,” and is a “mean” drunk.

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