Tenderness and Trauma Care


Palm Hills Hospital recorded amazing results after running their new ad campaign, “Tenderness,” promoting their trauma care service line. (View sample television spot below). Admissions to the ED increased 47% during the campaign, including a 124% spike in auto accident and laceration patients.

“The results were among the best we’ve ever seen,” said Palm Hills marketing director Daphne Landry. “This just goes to prove that tenderness sells.”

While the advertising seems fairly standard, Landry says it was the combination of calming images and differentiating messaging, such as focusing on the words “caring.”

“It wasn’t necessarily what we said, but how we said it,” she claimed.

In a related story, Palm Hills Hospital mental health clinic reported a spike in patients with anxiety disorders. Officials offered no explanation for the increase.


  1. Tom said:

    Should be linked with theatrical movie launch promotion – get 10 stitches, be eligible for free stuff/discounted ticket related to upcoming horror movie release. Cross-marketing works.