Orlando reports spike in liquor sales; hospital marketing conference cited

The Orlando Chamber of Commerce reported a spike in liquor sales this week, with an overall increase of 30% over the previous week. Officials aren’t sure of the reason behind the increase, but do note that the presence of a national healthcare marketing conference in town may be playing a factor.

“The last time they had their conference here, sales were off the charts,” said Anton Chigurh, the chamber’s spokesperson. “The ran out of cranberry juice for all the crantinis.”

This year, officials have noted a shortage of vermouth, Maker’s Mark and Michelob Ultra Light. Some local liquor stores are trying to leverage the presence of more than 1,000 healthcare marketers. For example, at Bob’s Booze Shack, shoppers will find specials on “New Mover Nut Brown Ale” and “Twitter Tequilia.” Says owner Bob Boonesfarm:

“Hey, when these hospital marketers are in town, it’s like Christmas for us.”