Embracing narcissism


At Circle J Medical Center, they are committed disciples of the old marketing axiom, “What’s in it for me?”

“Everyday we ask ourselves, in what new way can we talk about ourselves, call attention to ourselves, shine the spotlight on ourselves?” says senior market director Joseph Kool. “Truly, what is in it for us?”

The latest incarnation of the organization’s marketing strategy is a new ad campaign (see sample ad below) featuring their own doctors and touting the organization’s penchant for winning awards, hiring attractive staff and its overall awesomeness. The campaign has an internal component as well, featuring mirrors hung at ten-foot increments throughout the hallways so staff can admire themselves as they pass by.

“What makes this campaign so successful, other than the fact that we rock, is its uniqueness,” says Kool. “As far as we know, not many other hospitals are talking about themselves in their advertising, so our message is bound to stand out and really resonate with customers.”

super good looking docs

Sample ad: “Look at us”


  1. Marla Matson-Quattrone said:

    This has to be a joke. Even if it is a sample ad. there is no address, no contact info., Circle J could be slang for a sexual act, and how in the world would anyone think that “we beat everybody” is appropriate as a tag line for a hospital?

    Having said that, in the midst of our national healthcare debate, to shine a light on rampant narcissism within our society at large is subtle and clever.

    And allthis from a senior marketing director named “Joe Kool”? Seriously? No way.

  2. Andoring said:

    Hillarious!!! In all seriousness though, we’re the best! ; )

  3. Charlie said:

    I love this ad. The only change I would like to see is that those pictured would have the quintessential stone cold expression seen on the face of every physician ever photographed since 1971. Heads down, arms crossed, too busy for a photograph. That says experience, warmth, and trust when it comes to choosing a healthcare institution to me.