Urinalysis app iStream uses new P2Pad technology


Many experts have predicted that the new iPad from Apple will radically change the delivery of healthcare. In one of the first examples that the future is here today, technology company Bodily Software has announced iStream, an app for the iPad that takes advantage of the new product’s large touch screen to offer a real-time urinalysis.

“The technology is amazing, and easy to use,” says spokesperson Peter Flow. “Thanks to our exclusive P2Pad™ technology, patients just urinate on the iPad screen, then the software analyzes the sample and sends results directly to the physician. Use it at home, at work, at the park. Wherever your iPad can go, iStream goes with you.”

Flow says the next innovation will come with multitasking, which isn’t currently available on the iPad. “Imagine, emailing a recipe, watching the latest movie blockbuster, or reading your favorite novel, all while providing your pee sample. Who knew a urinalysis could be so much fun?”

The company expects iStream to launch by summer, pending approval by Apple (a spokesperson from Apple was not available for this story). Flow says depending on the success of the app, the company will follow up with other medical offerings, including iSwab, iSperm and iStool.


  1. Dr. Chang said:

    iPad! Ooops, that one’s already taken…