Outdoor campaign engages consumers, leads to spike in ED visits


Cosa Nostra University Medical Center has seen a dramatic increase in patient volume since it installed a number of interactive billboards earlier this year.

The first billboard, emblazoned with ‘Text 24347824 to find out our ER Wait Times,’ generated a 40% increase in ER patient volume the first day. “They couldn’t get the ambulances here fast enough,” Chief Marketing Officer Handley McNeil noted. “Within one week, we were the top ER volume in the state. It was amazing, especially since our ER wait times actually went through the roof!”

Emboldened by that success, they launched a follow-up effort titled ‘Picture Yourself at CNUMC.’ This phase of the campaign billboard offered a prize: ‘Tweet a picture of yourself driving by this billboard and you’ll be entered to win $100,000!’

“This was a great touch,” enthused McNeil, “It allowed people to real-time picture share via a picture-based photo site we’d set up. All you needed was a smartphone to enter!”

The winner of the contest, Sam Fisherton, was “shocked and amazed,” when he found out he won. “This will really help out,” Mr. Fisherton said from his rehabilitation hospital bed. “One less hip I have to pay for!”

The campaign has been so successful in raising ED volumes that McNeil is planning a third phase featuring billboards with QR codes on Interstate 37.

“It will definitely take some skill to use a QR code scanner while cruising 75 miles an hour, but that makes it more fun,” said McNeil. “This combination of new technologies and traditional ads is literally bringing bodies to our front door.”

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  1. jason @ cinnamon agency said:

    It will be interesting to see how the QR codes work out. I’ve seen 48 sheet posters with it on but that’s on a busy road where traffic could slow to a standstill to allow scanning of it.
    75mph and a camera phone? Blimey!