New Photoshop filter allow marketers to easily create “group” photos of physicians


A Texas software developer has announced a special Photoshop filter for merging disparate photos of physicians into one group photo. The new filter, titled “DrClonetastic,” is based on an overwhelming number of requests from health systems around the country, according to FiltersInKilter Software spokesperson Nancy Errbrush.

“Physicians want their photos on everything, yet many refuse to be photographed with their colleagues for one reason or another,” said Errbrush. “DrClonetastic will allow hospital marketers to more easily pull together individual physician photos to produce what looks like a group photo. After all, an image of teamwork is very important to convey in healthcare.”

The filter offers a number of tools designed specifically for melding photos of individual physicians into group shots. One tool allows designers to easily airbrush variant logos on white coats to give the illusion of a unified brand. Another streamlines the particularly difficult task of bringing together images of orthopedists, who, often, not only bristle at having their picture taken with their colleagues, occasionally don’t even like the idea of rubbing shoulders with them in a fake photograph.

“In testing, the most popular tool was one that allowed designers to manipulate physicians’ arms to appear crossed,” said Errbrush. “This is obviously the most popular pose for a group of physicians, and we make it as easy as 1-2-3.”


  1. Nick Lansing said:

    Our graphic designers loved this.

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