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New app lets docs create their own ads

New app lets docs create their own ads

For years, physicians have wanted the ability to create their own advertising. After all, who knows more about the discipline of marketing than physicians? Well, now they can, with the new “AppeaseMe” application, released this week from healthcare tech firm Chaos In A Can, Inc. “Technology is unleashing the power for clinicians to radically improve […]


Urinalysis app iStream uses new P2Pad technology

Many experts have predicted that the new iPad from Apple will radically change the delivery of healthcare. In one of the first examples that the future is here today, technology company Bodily Software has announced iStream, an app for the iPad that takes advantage of the new product’s large touch screen to offer a real-time […]

Feds tout healthcare stimulus: $5 billion for magic beans

In a move aimed at supporting long-awaited reform of the U.S. healthcare system, the Obama administration announced a federal infusion of $5 billion for the implementation of magic beans at hospitals across the country. The statement induced applause from advocates and warnings from critics. “The use of magic beans by hospitals will improve quality while […]

MedRankers announces new weekly quality awards

National hospital rating firm MedRankers has announced new weekly awards for clinical quality. The weekly awards will replace the annual awards already in place, with additional categories and classifications also in the offing. 
 “We’ve done patient surveys, and people have indicated that they can’t make informed decisions based on quality awards that are only […]

TrendProbe: Hospitals moving toward new position combining marketing, patient safety and facilities expertise

As further evidence of belt-tightening at hospitals across the U.S., many are considering the increasingly popular position of SVP of marketing/patient safety/facilities. The position typically combines the creativity of marketers, the scientific measurement acumen of patient safety experts, and the HVAC experience of facilities managers. By finding one executive with all of these skill sets, […]