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Justices’ Pinterest pages give clues to healthcare reform decision

This week, the Supreme Court heard arguments on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, commonly referred to as Obamacare, and the implications for healthcare organizations, let alone millions of healthcare consumers and candidates for the 2012 U.S. presidency, are monumental. Media outlets across the globe have been trying to interpret how the justices might […]

Top 10 Healthcare Marketing Stories of 2010

Here are the top 10 healthcare marketing stories of 2010, as selected by the award-winning staff at the WeeklyProbe. 10. Hospital adopts McDonald’s style dollar menu In a nod to the growing prevalence of high-deductible health insurance, Wilhelm Hospital announced a new dollar menu for its healthcare services. “Right now there aren’t many services we […]


Man becomes mayor of own colon

In an effort to ride the mobile “check-in” wave, Porch Hospital and Clinics has been encouraging patients to use FourSquare, FaceBook and other mobile location applications to “check-in” with every clinical appointment. The hospital hopes to encourage loyalty and repeat visits by rewarding return visitors with discounts, incentives to explore other clinical services, and a […]


“That’s what she said” campaign garners unexpected national attention

Waynesville Health was shocked at a sudden surge in web traffic and social media mentions after the launch of their latest patient testimonial campaign titled: “That’s What She Said.” Waynesville Health director of marketing, Garth Sanders, remarked, “We know for a fact that reaching women is critical to the success of almost any healthcare marketing […]


Tenderness and Trauma Care

Palm Hills Hospital recorded amazing results after running their new ad campaign, “Tenderness,” promoting their trauma care service line. (View sample television spot below). Admissions to the ED increased 47% during the campaign, including a 124% spike in auto accident and laceration patients. “The results were among the best we’ve ever seen,” said Palm Hills […]

Logo Talk: GI center opts for realism with new corporate identity

“We want patients to know exactly how we can help them.” With a new CEO and new physicians on staff, the leadership at Grassy Acres Gastrointestinal Center knew it was time to develop an updated corporate identity to help present its new face to the St. Louis market. While they decided to retain the clinic’s […]

Heart surgeon and marketer agree to switch roles for a day

A routine business meeting at Evergreen Hospital ended with the vice president of marketing agreeing to perform heart surgery. The move followed a heated discussion on the merits of a marketing tactic suggested by a heart surgeon. Janet Nolan, MD, a cardiovascular surgeon, was advocating for printing advertising on java jackets (coffee cup wraps) to […]