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Top 10 Healthcare Marketing Stories of 2010

Here are the top 10 healthcare marketing stories of 2010, as selected by the award-winning staff at the WeeklyProbe. 10. Hospital adopts McDonald’s style dollar menu In a nod to the growing prevalence of high-deductible health insurance, Wilhelm Hospital announced a new dollar menu for its healthcare services. “Right now there aren’t many services we […]

Heart surgeon and marketer agree to switch roles for a day

A routine business meeting at Evergreen Hospital ended with the vice president of marketing agreeing to perform heart surgery. The move followed a heated discussion on the merits of a marketing tactic suggested by a heart surgeon. Janet Nolan, MD, a cardiovascular surgeon, was advocating for printing advertising on java jackets (coffee cup wraps) to […]

MedRankers announces new weekly quality awards

National hospital rating firm MedRankers has announced new weekly awards for clinical quality. The weekly awards will replace the annual awards already in place, with additional categories and classifications also in the offing. 
 “We’ve done patient surveys, and people have indicated that they can’t make informed decisions based on quality awards that are only […]

Famous septuagenarian couple on tandem bike retires from stock photo career

The couple who made hospital and health system advertising familiar to so many across America is calling it a day. Steve Madson, 74, and his wife, Sherry, 73, are the famous couple seen in so many hospital advertisements riding a tandem bike. They have graced billboards and newspaper ads in the healthcare world for more […]