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Man becomes mayor of own colon

Man becomes mayor of own colon

In an effort to ride the mobile “check-in” wave, Porch Hospital and Clinics has been encouraging patients to use FourSquare, FaceBook and other mobile location applications to “check-in” with every clinical appointment. The hospital hopes to encourage loyalty and repeat visits by rewarding return visitors with discounts, incentives to explore other clinical services, and a […]


Urinalysis app iStream uses new P2Pad technology

Many experts have predicted that the new iPad from Apple will radically change the delivery of healthcare. In one of the first examples that the future is here today, technology company Bodily Software has announced iStream, an app for the iPad that takes advantage of the new product’s large touch screen to offer a real-time […]


Another shocking revelation – hospitals must attract patients to stay open

In a follow-up to last year’s groundbreaking study that uncovered the stunning truth that hospitals are actually businesses, WiseBucks magazine issued a follow-up report showing that to remain open, hospitals have to attract patients to receive care. The follow-up report is timely, given new legislation announced in Vermont that seeks to ban hospitals from spending […]


“That’s what she said” campaign garners unexpected national attention

Waynesville Health was shocked at a sudden surge in web traffic and social media mentions after the launch of their latest patient testimonial campaign titled: “That’s What She Said.” Waynesville Health director of marketing, Garth Sanders, remarked, “We know for a fact that reaching women is critical to the success of almost any healthcare marketing […]