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New app lets docs create their own ads

For years, physicians have wanted the ability to create their own advertising. After all, who knows more about the discipline of marketing than physicians? Well, now they can, with the new “AppeaseMe” application, released this week from healthcare tech firm Chaos In A Can, Inc. “Technology is unleashing the power for clinicians to radically improve […]


New Photoshop filter allow marketers to easily create “group” photos of physicians

A Texas software developer has announced a special Photoshop filter for merging disparate photos of physicians into one group photo. The new filter, titled “DrClonetastic,” is based on an overwhelming number of requests from health systems around the country, according to FiltersInKilter Software spokesperson Nancy Errbrush. “Physicians want their photos on everything, yet many refuse […]


Tenderness and Trauma Care

Palm Hills Hospital recorded amazing results after running their new ad campaign, “Tenderness,” promoting their trauma care service line. (View sample television spot below). Admissions to the ED increased 47% during the campaign, including a 124% spike in auto accident and laceration patients. “The results were among the best we’ve ever seen,” said Palm Hills […]

Honesty is the best policy

Transparency is one of the hottest trends in healthcare right now. At Neptune Hospital, they’ve fully embraced transparency with a new advertising campaign titled “We’re really trying.” (See sample ad after story.) The 330-bed hospital has suffered from more than two decades of poor clinical care, awful customer service and horrible mismanagement. In 2002, an […]