Man becomes mayor of own colon


In an effort to ride the mobile “check-in” wave, Porch Hospital and Clinics has been encouraging patients to use FourSquare, FaceBook and other mobile location applications to “check-in” with every clinical appointment. The hospital hopes to encourage loyalty and repeat visits by rewarding return visitors with discounts, incentives to explore other clinical services, and a ranking feature that recognizes frequent visitors. So for example, Ted Hill, a 65-year-old with chronic heart issues who received an angioplasty last year at Porch Hospital, was recently named the “King of Coronary” following a routine check-up last week. When asked if he had concerns about privacy issues when using the check-in designation, Hill replied that the coupon he received for 20% off his next chest pain evaluation more than offset his concerns. Other designations have included “Captain of COPD” and “Viceroy of VD.” Most recently, a local man (Sam Butz, pictured here) was named “Mayor of Colonoscopies.”

Hospital spokesperson Teresa Tacke said that while the program has led to some awkward designations, the program overall has been a huge success.

“If a patient wants to check in with every GI visit, more power to him,” she said. “We don’t see anything wrong with sharing with the world your every blockage or endoscopic procedure. In today’s world, exposure is the new privacy.”

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  1. Andy said:

    Let’s hope the flu season doesn’t create new opportunities to unlock the Swarm Badge at local hospitals and clinics.