New app lets docs create their own ads


For years, physicians have wanted the ability to create their own advertising. After all, who knows more about the discipline of marketing than physicians? Well, now they can, with the new “AppeaseMe” application, released this week from healthcare tech firm Chaos In A Can, Inc.

“Technology is unleashing the power for clinicians to radically improve medical care in this country,” said CIAC president, Ted Pandora. “The AppeaseMe app delivers the same level of transformation to marketing.”

According to Pandora, CIAC’s research shows that the vast majority of physicians are not satisfied with their organization’s marketing department. In one survey, when asked to rate a department’s value to their individual practice, marketing ranked dead last, behind janitorial, landscaping and closet organizing.

The AppeaseMe app allows physicians to quickly create their own ads based on their favorite photography style, headline and copy. The app then lets the physician send the final ad to whomever in the marketing department can most quickly place the ad in the market.

“Physicians are busy, and they don’t have time to follow a process, or understand the competitive landscape, or differentiate – they just need an ad, and they need it now,” said Pandora. “We even used the ‘.co’ URL so they wouldn’t have to waste time typing the ‘m’ at the end.”

Pandora says while AppeaseMe has been initially developed for physicians, the company is working on versions for CEOs, service line leaders, and board members.

Start building your ad now.


  1. neeraj vaze said:

    Hi I just went through the App. I was wondering that do I have to only use the templets of photo & message provided by you or I can have my own?

  2. Roman said:

    As of this time, Chaos In A Can has determined that only they have the research and experience to determine optimal messaging and photography. As such, AppeaseMe only allows users to choose from their scientifically crafted options. There are no plans to allow users to specify their own imagery or content.

  3. Mike said:

    No concerns about medical/legal/regulatory reviews? I honestly don’t see a purpose for this. Doctors are expected to fiddle with an app and develop an ad themselves? This is riddled with problems.