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AppeaseMe — The Healthcare Executive Ad Builder

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May named “National Awareness of Healthcare Awareness Months Month”

In a nod to the popular trend of naming months, weeks and days after various healthcare ailments, employee groups and other important topics, the group responsible for assigning issues to various time periods has dubbed May “National Awareness of Healthcare Awareness Months Month.” According to Casey Nomenclature, spokesperson for the Healthcare Observation Naming Consortium (HONC), […]


Another shocking revelation – hospitals must attract patients to stay open

In a follow-up to last year’s groundbreaking study that uncovered the stunning truth that hospitals are actually businesses, WiseBucks magazine issued a follow-up report showing that to remain open, hospitals have to attract patients to receive care. The follow-up report is timely, given new legislation announced in Vermont that seeks to ban hospitals from spending […]

Topless car washes trigger senate investigation of community benefit reporting

The Senate Finance Committee will continue its investigation into abuses in community benefit reporting after a hospital in California accounted for $347 in topless car washes. The 2008 Community Benefit Report for SunSpot Hospital in Fresno, CA lists the benefit under its “Self-help program” category, along with its smoking cessation classes and anger management programs. […]

New competitor to Twitter offers 14-character posts

A new service called Smatter is set to compete with the growing social network Twitter, but with a twist. Instead of limiting posts to 140 characters like Twitter, the new service will limit member posts to just 14. “It’s our belief that you’ll get ten times the content value from posts that are one tenth […]

New HIPAA rule considered: no direct eye contact with patients

Passed in 1996, the Health Insurance Portability and Accounting Act (HIPAA) was designed to protect insurance coverage for patients and provide a standard of privacy regarding the transfer of health information by providers, insurance plans and others. The law has been expanded over the years, and now Congressman Max Weber, Minnesota, has introduced new legislation […]