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Outdoor campaign engages consumers, leads to spike in ED visits

Cosa Nostra University Medical Center has seen a dramatic increase in patient volume since it installed a number of interactive billboards earlier this year. The first billboard, emblazoned with ‘Text 24347824 to find out our ER Wait Times,’ generated a 40% increase in ER patient volume the first day. “They couldn’t get the ambulances here […]


“That’s what she said” campaign garners unexpected national attention

Waynesville Health was shocked at a sudden surge in web traffic and social media mentions after the launch of their latest patient testimonial campaign titled: “That’s What She Said.” Waynesville Health director of marketing, Garth Sanders, remarked, “We know for a fact that reaching women is critical to the success of almost any healthcare marketing […]


Tenderness and Trauma Care

Palm Hills Hospital recorded amazing results after running their new ad campaign, “Tenderness,” promoting their trauma care service line. (View sample television spot below). Admissions to the ED increased 47% during the campaign, including a 124% spike in auto accident and laceration patients. “The results were among the best we’ve ever seen,” said Palm Hills […]

Hospital introduces Billboards 2.0

The marketing department at General Hospital has developed a new approach they call “Billboards 2.0.” They developed the strategy after reviewing search terms people used to find the General Hospital website. When they discovered that visitors were using very specific terms, they realized it could help them target their billboard messages.

Honesty is the best policy

Transparency is one of the hottest trends in healthcare right now. At Neptune Hospital, they’ve fully embraced transparency with a new advertising campaign titled “We’re really trying.” (See sample ad after story.) The 330-bed hospital has suffered from more than two decades of poor clinical care, awful customer service and horrible mismanagement. In 2002, an […]

Healthcare ad agency offers free consulting for life

In response to the worsening economy, healthcare advertising agency Stedman, Trust and Devinshire (STD), New York, has announced a new promotion for hospitals and health systems: free consulting for life. “For new clients who sign up with us before July 1, we’re offering to work for free for the life of the relationship,” said STD […]